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March 15, 2013 / thementalshovel

Indiegogo campaign

I have started an Indiegogo fund-raising campaign for the community center I am opening. Please check it out and send to everyone you know. This really means a lot to me.

Thank you so much!



February 9, 2013 / thementalshovel

The Center of Infinite Possibilities…please check out my facebbok page..thanks



June 21, 2012 / thementalshovel

Be Still And Know

When we quiet our minds and the excessive chatter calms down, we find in the silence what we have always known, that we are a part of something greater than ourselves. It becomes undeniable that behind the creation of our universe exists an intelligent force. The more we dwell in the silence, the stronger the realization becomes, that the intelligent force that flows within our universe, flows within us. Between every cell, every atoms, every quark of our body flows the same intelligent force, which spoke our universe into being. The intricate balance of nature and the complexity of our own bodies, are evidence of its instruction. If we listen with our mind, instead of our brain, we can hear it guiding us.

This Universal Intelligence controls all the laws of the universe, from the rotation of the planets, to the baby sea turtles making their way to the ocean. It directs the animals to migrate, the inch worm to spin its cocoon, a baby to take its first breath, a flower to bloom, a bee to gather pollen.

Nature listens and just knows.

Our subconscious keeps our physical bodies in balance, thru instruction from this universal intelligence. But our conscious mind which interacts with our external world, has to be trained to sense the guidance. Yet even if we deny it’s there, it still manages to make itself known. The times when we just know what to do, or not to do…the times that we have “hunches” or “gut feelings” is the Universal Intelligence slipping through. We can learn to accept the guidance at all times, in every aspect of our lives.

When we allow ourselves to hear the instruction thru intuition, like other life forms, we will just know how to function. The confusion and stress will disappear. When we calm our conscious minds, and get out of our own way, we allow ourselves to receive direction. The trinity of our conscious mind, subconscious mind and Universal Intelligence working in harmony will allow us to return to a state of being that is our birthright.

All we need to do is be still..and listen

All we need to do is be still.. and know

June 7, 2012 / thementalshovel

Make The Shift

I would not of thought that bringing my 4 month old grandson to the Dr.s office on Tuesday would have been such an awakening experience, but I guess it goes to show that you never know when God (Universal Intelligence), will offer an insight!

I was well aware of the fact when I approached the front desk at the medical center, that my daughter was having an issue with getting her sons health insurance. I knew that this visit would have to be private pay, and she had sent the $75 dollars (ridiculous!) to cover the visit. I was informed by the front desk clerk that her insurance had also not covered his 2 month visit, and the fee for that visit would have to be paid before he could see the Dr. It seemed like a reasonable request, until she told me the amount that was charged for his 2 month visit. I thought I had misheard her when she stated $4oo. I explained that must be a misprint because he only received his vaccinations that day. She proceeded to inform me that $400 was the fee charged for babies receiving their 2 month vaccinations. WOW! I was shocked. I asked her why the fee was so high. If my daughter had taken him to the health dept. it would have been $15. And why was the 4 month visit only $75? Her answer left me completely unsettled. She stated “That’s just how it is.”

I took a deep breath.

Then an amazing thing happened. At his 2 week visit, when it was assumed that he had insurance, he was thought to have a medical condition  that would require multiple tests, ultrasounds and surgery. By the time the ultrasound was scheduled they realized his insurance was not in effect, so it was put off. There is still an unresolved problem with his insurance, so at this point they were considering him uninsured. Strange thing was that now that he was uninsured his health problem has completely vanished! It was a miracle!

A medical condition cured by lack of health insurance!

I left the medical office angry that our health care system is so screwed up, but mostly saddened by the fact that our society is so screwed up.

The explanation I was giving, the excuse for the greed, and complete lack of compassion, kept running through my mind.

“That’s just how it is”

She was right, it is how it is..

Not only in our health care system, but most all “systems” in our society. The quest for money and material success has overshadowed our humanity. Our prisons are over flowing. Our economy is in shambles. Our children are medicated for not being able to concentrate, after being fed mass amounts of sugar and preservatives. Our elderly live in uncertainty, of whether they can even afford to be alive. People just don’t seem to care anymore. I am well aware that there are exceptions. There are people who are devoted to helping others. Every natural disaster brings forth multitudes of selfless people. I witnessed it first hand after Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, the place I call home. The out pouring of compassion from strangers was amazing.

Yet they are the exception.

We as a people have become so detached from what’s important in this life. We know that things aren’t right, but feel so powerless most of the time.

We’ve become so used to being told what we have to do, how we should live, what we can say, who we can marry, how much of our check we are going to give away, ect…..

We allow ourselves to be manipulated and taken advantage of daily.

We accept as fact that “That’s just how it is”


We create our own reality. What we think, what we say, the emotions we feel, send waves of energy vibrating through the field of unlimited possibilities. When we allow ourselves to get caught up in the greed, dissatisfaction and hate, we are contributing to the problems.

We as a society, as a race, are creating this screwed up world. By moaning and complaining about it, we are only adding to the chaos’s. By doing nothing, and just accepting the way things are, we are giving away our power, we are allowing our reality to be created for us.

But we can not hate others lack of compassion.

Negativity results in more negativity.

Anger creates more anger.

We can’t fight for peace.

We can’t become the problem.

In order to change the quality of our world, we have to change the quality of our thoughts.

For the past decade, the global consciousness project, led by Roger Nelson, at Princeton university, has explored the interaction of our consciousness with the field of possibilities. Electrograms were placed across the globe, and used to measure this interaction. The results show, that at times when global events were taking place, like 9/11, there was a definite impact on the field. Our consciousness is connected and interacts with this field. Each one of us, can affect it, as it affects us. That means that what I do, and what you do, has a definite affect on the creation of our society as a whole. The more of us that are thinking the same thing. The greater the affect ! We are all in this together. All part of the greater whole. Our combined consciousness creates a collective consciousness, and the prevailing vibrations of this mass of collective energy waves, determine the prevailing energy of our society. If the majority of humans are angry, dissatisfied and beaten down the negativity is reflected in society as a whole. Because that is what we are, a whole. We have to make a shift. We have to consciously begin the shift from negative to positive.

We need to make ourselves aware of the problems in this world. We need to be informed, so that we know what needs to be changed.

Once we know, we need to stop complaining, and start DOING what we want to see done.

Mahatma Gandhi stated “Be the change you want to see in the world”

That is the answer.

If change is ever going to occur, it will have to be individually, in each and everyone of us.

One person at a time.

One person at a time shifting from hate to compassion.

One person at a time making the decision that they are going to treat people the way they want to be treated.

One person at a time waking up and realizing that yeah, this might be the way it is..but it doesn’t have to stay this way.

One person making the choice to not allow the state of our world to discourage them, but instead visualize a world where compassion and unity prevail.

We can make a difference.

I can make a difference.

You can make a difference.

June 2, 2012 / thementalshovel

Know Your “Really Am”

There comes a point on the journey of self discovery where you have to put the books down, close the computer and look yourself in the eye. Look past the “want to be” and see the “really am”. No matter who you see staring back at you, you are still perfect and still worthy of everything this universe has to offer. You are still a co-creator in this reality, but it is the “really am” that creates your future, not the “want to be”. It is the difference between the two that causes your life to be chaotic. Every second of every day you are creating your future. Every thought you think or word you say determines your destiny. The vibrations, the energy waves you are sending out, will be inconsistent, if your beliefs and actions are not in agreement. If what you say and what you do are not in harmony with what you believe, your reality will be created in confusion. You will feel like a stranger in your own life, because you live as “want to be”, yet create as “really am”. You live under false pretense, and create out of honesty.

It isn’t until you come to know and understand the “really am”, that you can begin to change anything in your life. Your reality can be anything you believe it can be, you just have to take a long hard look within yourself and decide what it is you believe. For creation does not begin “out there”, it begins in you.

“Be it done unto you as you believe” Yeshua Matthew 9:29

As you believe, your reality will unfold.


Your belief system began as you took your first breath. You have to decide if the beliefs you hold, are worth holding. You have the ability to change what you believe. You are not a slave to your past. Your “want to be” is always in reach.

Your subconscious mind holds your beliefs. The beliefs it holds are believed because your conscious mind decided it was true. In order to change the beliefs your subconscious holds, all you have to do is change the input your conscious mind in sending.

Meditation, affirmations and visualization all assist in changing your belief system.

Meditation quiets your conscious mind so you can allow your subconscious to absorb new information, and allow the universal mind, or God, which ever you prefer to help guide you.

Affirmations instill positive thoughts(vibrations) into your subconscious and every cell of your body.

Visualization  makes the new beliefs you are trying to instill more believable to your subconscious.

Your future depends on your present.

Knowing this, would it not be a wise choice to take control, and create the best reality you can. It is not any harder to create a happy loving future, filled with all you desire, then it is to create one of misery, poverty and hate. You have free will and the ability to create what you want.  Your reality can be anything you believe it can be.

The dance goes on continually in the field of unlimited possibilities. Things are created, exist and dissipate. Your ability to access what you want, to create the reality you desire, depends entirely on you. The dance will go on whether you enjoy it or not. The laws of the universe do not change.

If it is change you want, it must come from you.

May 28, 2012 / thementalshovel

Feel The Music

You don’t have to know the leader of the band, to dance… just have to feel the rhythm.

I, nor anyone else could say, with any scientific backing, that we know what God is. Fortunately, we don’t need scientific backing to know that this universe, our reality, has an intellectual force backing it.

Even with closed eyes, we can still sense the beat.

Quieting our conscious minds, we allow our subconscious to hear the music.

If we allow our selves to move with the music,  we begin to understand that we are the dance.

May 27, 2012 / thementalshovel

Being Human- Dancing In The Field- Part 2

Quantum physics states that everything in our universe is pure energy. The only difference is the rate at which it vibrates. Energy can not be destroyed, it can only change forms. Everything in our physical world, is created by energy changing from one form into another. The changing of form is accomplished through the observation of our consciousness. Physical matter is created by our consciousness. It is still pure energy, just in a form that our senses can detect. Most of the frequencies in the electromagnetic field we can not detect with our senses. We are limited to a very small portion. The rest is still there, we just can’t experience it with our five senses. That does not mean we are not affected by it or that we can not affect it. Our consciousness is not limited by the use of our five senses. Our consciousness is not generated in our brain, and  is not limited by our body.  To be able to “see” past our senses, and experience the vast source of energy available to us, we have to by-pass the part of us that gets in the way.

We are connected to the physical world by our conscious mind.

We are connected to the unseen world by our subconscious.

We have to quiet our conscious mind. If we want to be able to create the physical world, the reality we desire, our conscious mind and subconscious mind has to work in unison. We have to be in control of what our conscious mind is “thinking”, so our subconscious gets the message right. If we let our conscious mind rule us, our reality will remain as confused and random as our thoughts. We will remain limited.

Practicing mindfulness is a way to calm your conscious mind.

When you have control of your conscious mind, and can experience the

moment as it is, not influenced by emotions of the past, your conscious mind and subconscious mind can work together. When they work together the roadblocks on the path from our physical reality to our spiritual reality are removed.

All the energy that is there is for our use. We can create whatever we believe we can. It’s like an endless field of paint for the artist, an unending lump of clay for the potter, a dictionary full of unknown words for the poet..and it’s all ours for the taking.

We just have to know how to dance in the field.

“ When you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.”

Lee Ann Womack

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